Tuesday, November 08, 2011

So pleased to see that the voters in my hometown, Traverse City, Michigan, voted 2,818 to 1,661 to retain the ordinance banning discrimination based on sexual orientation. The Traverse City commissioners passed the ordinance last year, and a pair of Christian freaks, one of whom (Matthew Schoech) I went to school with, raised enough signatures to put the ordinance up for a vote. And sixty percent of the people who voted basically told this fundamentalist to fuck off.

And in Arizona, racist state Senator Russell Pearce was recalled. I guess the voters in Mesa were tired of his shenanigans.

And in other news, the State Superintendent of Public Education apologized for basically comparing gays to Nazis. I called his office the day after that happened and spent a long time explaining to his staff person why that was inappropriate. I guess enough people called that he was forced to apologize and perhaps do something to combat bullying of LGBT kids.

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