Friday, November 25, 2011

We celebrated Thanksgiving today, on Friday, instead of yesterday. But first we went on a walk at Sweetwater Wetlands.

Evan, Mummy, and I.

There were lots of mallards and Northern shovelers, as well as widgeons and buffleheads.


Mummy is already walking better after being here for a couple of weeks.

Evan and Mummy.

As we were leaving we saw an enormous hawk land on the top of a power pole. It was HUGE.

Big hawk. Or as Mel pointed out, it is actually a Golden Eagle.

At home it was time to cook. For Thanksgiving lunch I made:

- mashed parsnips-potatoes
- gluten free cornbread stuffing (with onion, apple, fresh sage and rosemary)
- cranberry-mango-walnut relish
- spicy green beans (Evan and I canned these)
- gluten-free Bisquick biscuits

Mummy and Evan at the table.

I put on the Thanksgiving tablecloth and the 1909 wedding china.

It was very pretty.

Everything was really good, and I did not over-eat and I am not feeling gross afterward.

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