Saturday, November 26, 2011

We drove south to Bisbee. I made the wrong left turn and we did not stop at the San Pedro House on the way there, and I wished I hadn't had that Diet Coke because I felt as if I was going to explode. My mother helpfully told me that they make Depends for men now.

After eating picnic lunch in the car instead of at the delightful San Pedro House, we wandered up the Main Street in Bisbee, stopping at various antique stores.

I told Evan to pray that my mother didn't break anything.

I purchased a photograph taken in Phoenix about 100 years ago. A handsome man, his wife, and two children. I am going to give it to the historical society.

I should have bought these.

I abstained from other purchases because I had to pay annoying bills and that means no play money for a couple of weeks. I whined to Evan about how expensive gluten-free products are. He comforted me.

Mummy and Evan at Bisbee.

When we got home I discovered a strangely super high water bill and then the washing machine is acting broken on the "Easy" cycle. Again, Evan comforted me. He is a very good boyfriend.

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