Sunday, December 25, 2011

The birds at Sweetwater Wetlands looked cold, the ducks huddling close together. At home most of my potted plants are inside.

American coot.

We had Holiday Supper (mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, baked beans) and Mama had butterscotch pudding. I suggested she open a present and she wanted to open them all. Mummy was very pleased with her gifts.

Evan was surprised that Santa remembered to bring him beer.

Of course I didn't put tags on everything, so there were a few mixed up presents.  

Mummy got four knitting books.

Afterward, we dressed up in our tophats and went to Richard's and Roger's Holiday Party. The butterscotch pudding was a success, Richard's mother Elvy went back for seconds.

Evan and bow tie.

I did not win the dollar game, which was a major set back financially. I would have enjoyed spending that $36 on things.

This morning I fried up the leftover mashed potatoes, made some caramel bananas, and some gluten-free pancakes. My mother was having very low blood sugar (staggering around drunk-like), so that was a good thing for her to eat.

It was a lovely Holiday.

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