Thursday, January 19, 2012

The first phase of work is almost done at the old fort site. Today Pat, who does environmental testing, accidentally found a small pit while collecting a sample. Allen then excavated the small pit.

Allen and the pit. 

 It contained a shaped sherd, probably a jar cover, and a large stone core, raw material used to make stone tools.

Core and cover. The white thingy marks the location of the soil sample.

We then moved to the north part of the site and quickly found the stone foundation of the guard house for the fort, completed in 1873.


The guard house was 52 ft square when built, later an exercise yard was added to the west end of the building. It had dirt floors, except in the four cells, which had stone floors to keep prisoners from burrowing out. The building was used to house soldiers who had broken rules. On one occasion a group of Apache scouts were imprisoned there.

Close up. 

The foundations are made from rocks mortared together with a crude concrete. To the east we found another burned pit structure, this one with areas of plaster still intact on the walls and floors. I wonder what we will find tomorrow?

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