Sunday, January 22, 2012

Patrick joined Mummy and I on a walk at Sweetwater Wetlands. The number of ducks is increasing, and we saw one or two hawks/kestrals/falcons.

Patrick and Mummy.

As we walked around, we discussed recent events in Arizona. I was wondering whether the State Legislature would continue its vendetta against Tucson and Pima County. That appears to be the case, with idiotic Rep. Terri Proud introducing a bill that would allow tiny communities to veto county bonds. Last week Ms. Proud sponsored a bill that would require schools to teach the Bible (but not the Koran) so students would understand its "literary" aspects.

These ducks vote Democratic.

Luckily, idiotic Proud is not running for re-election.

Homer and Mummy, photographed by Patrick.

After dropping Patrick off and receiving a bunch of fresh Patrick-grown parsley, I took Mummy to lunch at Rosa's, then to a knitting/weaving/spinning store, then to a quilting store, and then home.

Tiny was ready to give smooches.

Later we went to the grocery store and I spent a ridiculous amount of money. Buying fancy gluten-free foods is pricey. I made parsley pesto and I had Mummy taste a little bit. Like all things new, she hated it. I've been reading about food choices among elderly people. It is apparently common for them to restrict their diet to a handful of foods (which my mother's mother did, resulting in malnutrition). My mother would live on potatoes, cheese, eggs, bananas, blueberries, and milk if given the choice. Unfortunately for her, I like to try new recipes.

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