Friday, February 24, 2012

Another day of digging. We are working on two prehistoric pit structures. This morning Jeff was working in the northwest corner of one house and found a carved palette.

Jeff excavating.

Palettes are relatively rare and are often found in ceremonial contexts. This one was made from a grayish-blue stone and had a single line engraved on its border.

Palette (click on picture to see detail).

Jeff and Olivia's pit structure is a "house in a pit." The Hohokam who built it excavated a large, semi-rectangular pit. They then set posts in place, built walls, and then put dirt back between the edge of the pit and the exterior side of the wall. Portions of the floor were plastered, although this is poorly preserved.

Jeff and Olivia excavating.

The house that George and Bill excavated is a true "pit house." The Hohokam excavated a pit, built the superstructure, and then plastered the floor and the walls of the pit.

Excavated house.

It will be interesting to learn what the decorated ceramics we are finding in these houses date to. Were they built at the same time? Or is one house older than the other?

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