Sunday, February 12, 2012

It is spring time in Tucson. At work I often see healthy looking coyotes running past my window.


I purchased a finch sock when I was up in Flagstaff and I am happy to see three goldfinches climbing around eating thistle seed.

Goldfinches! (click on picture to see better).

Yesterday was a busy day. Mummy hasn't had her haircut since last spring, so I took her to Swade and we got haircuts.


Paul and I gossiped about things.


A woman named Mari works there now, and she cuts women's hair.

Mummy getting coifed.

 We went to the Presidio Park and the cannon was loud!


Then we went to lunch, the knitting store, and Kmart, where Mummy purchased pants. This morning she complained they have a baggy behind. I went over to the Patrick-Brady estate and played five games of Scrabble with Patrick. Several times I had seven-letter words, but could not use them.


I won three of the five games, mostly because I had really good letters.

Oh! Patrick really isn't a sore loser.

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