Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Last week on the dig and it was windy in the afternoon. I am sitting at home exhausted. Last week a heron flew over and landed on a light pole.

Great blue heron.

The first pit structure George and Bill worked on had nice plastered walls and a partially plastered floor.

Pit structure, dates to circa A.D. 1080-1100. 

Nearby, Jeff and Olivia were digging the house-in-pit that contained about 100 post holes. The entrance had a polished caliche floor leading to the hearth.


The house had a wall groove extending around the perimeter of the house. The walls were anchored into the groove, preventing drafts.

Wall groove.

 A dozen grinding stones, including a broken metate, lay on the floor of the house.


The house is about 6 m across, fairly large. It dates between A.D. 1040-1100 based on the decorated pottery found close to the floor.


Today Chris, Adam, and Steve were digging a house with beautiful wall plaster, a polished caliche floor, a molded plaster hearth, and a broken jar and a mano on its floor.

Adam, Chris, and Steve.

And of course, we found another house in the afternoon. Sigh.

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