Thursday, March 08, 2012

My co-worker Henry flew over the old fort site in a helicopter and took photos yesterday. Click on the pictures to see them in greater detail.

The fort was occupied between 1873 and 1891. The buildings were sold off in 1896 and the three officer's quarters in the southwestern corner of the fort became a tuberculosis rest home. Soon, the ruin on the right will have a protective roof to halt its gradual erosion.

The small squares are planting pits from a garden next to two of the officer's quarters.

At the north side of the property, Chris and Steve completed a small prehistoric pit structure. Chris excavated the entrance way and found a red-on-brown bowl lying upside-down, apparently sitting on the roof of the structure when it burned and collapsed.

The house is the smallest one we have found.

All five of the houses that we have excavated have been different. Here is the one Jeff and Olivia dug, with the many postholes.

House in pit- the house was erected inside a pit, with the walls of the house inside the wall of the pit.

We started the last house that we will dig yesterday. As Henry flew over in the helicopter I told everybody to look busy.

I am in the white shirt.

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