Thursday, April 26, 2012

I flew east to Nashville and then drove to Memphis. I got lost and then I got found and in the morning I put on my bow tie and vest and presented my talk, which I did very well, thank you for wondering. I spent money in the book room and talked with archaeologists, some of whom did not recognize me because I am older and bearded.

Back in 1980 I attended the Junior Classical Latin convention in Nashville and we visited the Parthenon replica. I returned 32 years later and the building was very pretty.


The building was originally constructed in 1897. The pediment statues were crafted in the 1920s or 1930s. You can see molded copies of the originals inside. I think the British Museum should return the originals to Greece.

I drove to Knoxville and Travis picked me up at the airport. We had supper with Michael and then we drove east to Nebo, North Carolina. It was nice having the time to talk with him. We arrived and there, by the magic of another airplane ride, was Evan, who had been escorted from the airport by Forrest.


We had lunch at a new Italian restaurant in Morgantown. The food was so-so. The company was superior.


Evan and I had the eggplant parmigiana sandwich. It was very greasy.


Afterward we walked along the river. I ate some disgusting wild strawberries that were bitter and nasty, reminding me of every Republican I have ever met.

River guys.

On Sunday we went to Lake James and had an arduous hike. Thankfully, I am in fairly good shape and did not make a fool of myself.
Forrest high up.

There were many beautiful blooming flowers.

Mountain laurel.

None of my purple lily pictures came out. I like this one of an un-opened rhododendren.

Soon to open.

Travis and I discussed our fitness goals.

Me and Travis.

On Monday night, Evan watched RuPaul's Drag Race for the first time. I am on Team Sharon Needles.

Me and Evan.

I wish we lived across the street from Jason and Forrest so we could spend many more nights with them.
Travis, Jason, Evan, and Forrest.

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