Monday, April 30, 2012

I went north to the Grand Canyon with Evan, Mark, and Rodger. I will admit, it is much more enjoyable without worrying about my mother falling over the edge. We stopped along the road and walked past the pow wow to the scary-as-fuck edge of the Little Colorado Canyon cliffs. I almost threw up at one point.

Evan and Rodger.

It is very dramatic here, with 500-ft-deep canyons, sort of a taste of what is to come.

Little Colorado Canyon.

We then drove into Grand Canyon National Park. Did you know that the National Park system was created by that noted socialist, Teddy Roosevelt, was was masquerading as a Republican? We stopped first at Desert View.


Architect Mary Colter designed a tall stone tower in the early 1930s and had a Hopi artist decorate the interior. It is beautiful inside.

There were many European, Indian, and Japanese tourists wandering about.

We stopped at various places for photos.

Grand Canyon.

I took pictures and clutched the hand rails.


My camera does not capture the enormity of this place, with the deep canyon and far away horizon.

We watched an orientation film at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center and then walked out to Mather Point. Some big birds were flying about and we wondered if they were turkey vultures.

I thought, maybe those are Californian Condors. This species is critically endangered and at one time in the late 1980s there were only 22 left in the whole world. With captive breeding programs, the number has risen to just less than 400. They were re-introduced into the Grand Canyon a few years back.

Californian Condor. Click on picture to see better.

 I was so excited to see eight or nine condors up close. They were literally flying about 50 feet away from us.

A pair were getting all romantic below us.

Each condor is fitted with antennae and numbers, which allow them to be identified and their movements monitored. 

One of them soaked up some sunlight by spreading its wings.

 They have very pink heads.

I wish Jimbo had been with us to see them.

It was a very nice afternoon.

And much more relaxing without worrying about Mummy.

Self portrait.

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