Sunday, May 13, 2012

I traveled east to Traverse City. The woods were filled with wildflowers and the trees were just leafing out.


My mother's 80th birthday party was a success. There were 25 relatives attending. We debated whether my father's cousin Jack was dead and then he showed up. We laughed about that.

Susan, Elizabeth, Mummy, and Homer.

I went to three cemeteries and photographed tombstones. I took 3,400 photos. It was good exercise.

Died in 1873.

At my brother's house there were hundreds of chickens running about. He sells eggs to help make a living.

Brown chickens.

 A pair of jersey bulls wanted me to scratch their chins.

I forgot their names.

 Out in the pasture, a little filly, only a week old, was very shy.


 My brother joined the Amish church, and so I can't take pictures of his face.

Collecting eggs.

I took my mother down to pose in front of the house she lived in between 1937 and 1946.

843 Washington Street.

I drove the horrible rental car back and forth.

The longhorn cattle on the neighbor's property stared at me.

Several times a pair of Canadian geese and their six goslings wandered across the road.

The babies are sleepy (click picture to see better).

 The week went by fast. I ate too many potato chips. And in some ways I was sad to come back.

Self portrait in the cemetery.

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