Friday, May 18, 2012

I left my Ipod in my car during the day, albeit with the window cracked, and now it is not working, I guess it got overheated. I was overheated too, the sweat pouring out of my neck for hours afterward, despite drinking a lot of fluids. It does that sometimes. My latest project has turned out to be bust. The highlight for today was to see Panchesco at the bus stop. He took a flattering photo of me talking. Earlier, I was spraying dirt with the firehose, and suddenly an SUV flipped through the air across the street in front of me. It was drama. I called 911 as passerbys pulled the two men out. The cute firemen came and took the men away in an ambulance, luckily they were not badly hurt. A photo of the incident is here, I am too lazy to put it on here. In a few minutes I will be on the road to Flagstaff to go see Evan. I wish I had a working Ipod so I could listen to Trampled by Turtles or Joshua Williams. Instead, I will have to listen to the radio and hear Nicki Minaj's unusual single- if someone had told me that one of the top pop songs in the US would use the word "motherfucker" over and over again, I would have laughed at such a bizarre idea.

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