Monday, May 21, 2012

I journeyed north to Flagstaff via motor car. The wind was frightful, blowing my horseless carriage to and fro. A large object in the road struck the underside of my vehicle and later a tire sensor came on, making me believe that the end was nigh. It wasn't. The next day, I spotted the delightful prairie dogs.

Barbed wire.

It is spring time in Flagstaff and many delightful wildflowers were blooming.


The following day was the Annular Eclipse. Flagstaff was delightfully situated to be within the zone of the "Ring of Fire." Evan and I drove north of the town so that we might get the best view.

Evan the astronomer.

It was warm and I took my shirt off.

Me and Evan.

It was quiet and we waited impatiently for the eclipse to start.

North of Wupatki. 

 We watched the astronomical event using a pair of purple tinted glasses and a piece of black and white film negative. It was effective.

Evan watching. 

We attempted to take photos, most of which were not successful.

The eclipse in progress.

The last eclipse I remember seeing was back in 1993. That was a lifetime ago.

The eclipse ending.

We drove home through Wupatki National Monument. I was impressed with a lava flow.

Creepy sunset.

Very early this morning I boarded the trusty Ford Fiesta and returned to Tucson, arriving despite the ominous tire sensor fault. Later I balanced my checkbook and wished there was a checkbook sensor fault as well.

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