Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jimbo, Glenn, and Brian have been visiting. We have been real busy and as a result I had a horrible hangover on Saturday morning. Do not mix gin and tonics with tequila shots. Remember this! Today we went to see some rock art, and then to Sweetwater Wetlands.

The guys bird-watching. 

The ducks have all flown away, but there were a zillion other birds. The palo verdes are blooming.

Palo verde.

I ordered Jim to pose with the beautiful blooms.

Jim is a beautiful blossom.

Perhaps the most interesting bird we saw were a quartet of cormorants.


We also saw some smaller birds.


I made Spanish rice, salads, pickles, and lemon meringue pie for supper and the guys came over and had supper with Mummy.

Jim and Puff.

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