Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I spent the weekend in Flagstaff.

On the drive north.

Once I arrived, I noted that Flagstaff was much cooler than Tucson. I had to put a hat on! 

On Saturday we wandered through the woods. I did not see any of the mythical elk.

Evan and Homer.

My buzzed head reflected the light.

In the woods.

 Near Evan's house, there is a delightful prairie dog colony.

Prairie Dog!

We shopped at a nice produce store and I purchased rhubarb and strawberries. That night I made a pie. Evan had never had rhubarb before.

On Sunday, we went on a long drive. I saw an outcropping of rocks and suspected that there might be a site there. Sure enough, we saw a pit structure depression and several rock-lined rooms. Scattered about were many sherds.

Pretty sherds.

 After we looked at them, we put them back where we found them. Near the site, we saw a lovely cactus.

Prickly pear cactus flower.

It always amazes me how many archaeological sites are scattered about near Flagstaff.

Evan at the site.

We traveled to Flagstaff. I saw a lovely piece of art.

Photo mural.

Many sheep were scattered around the Native American boy.


That afternoon, I made a quiche, which Evan liked.


He helped me make a cake.

Yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting.

I returned to hot-as-heck Tucson and found that the cats had puked everywhere. Yuck.

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