Sunday, June 17, 2012

I trimmed my beard so I did not look like a caveman at Flagstaff Pride. But first we did errands.

On the way to town.

 Evan bought me a tuner for my banjo and we went to the garden center and I admired the fish.

The coy were not koi. 

Oh the other way around. At Flagstaff Pride there were many people. I wish so many hadn't brought their dogs along, but apparently that is common up north. The Humane Society had some cute puppies up for adoption.


 I saw a well known female impersonator hold that puppy. Later, she donated her tips to the ASPCA.

Raven from RuPaul's Drag Race.

On the way back from the disgusting porta-johns (I was surprised that people had brought their chairs and were hanging out amidst them), I saw these people who agreed to pose:
Fierce realness.

I complimented them and a few other people who had attended Pride in elaborate costumes or 1980s hair. Speaking of the 1980s, Martha Wash of the Weather Girls sang at the end and Evan got "to see me make a slight fool of myself because she sang "It's Raining Men" and I was about 20 feet away. She is fucking awesome.

Martha Wash.

This morning I made pancakes and caramel banana sauce and we went to look at a site with unusual pottery and some very visible architecture, although it is busy eroding into a wash. A nearby dead tree was very interesting.

There is a hawk watching me.

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