Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I was one of the first 25 jurors picked for a trial today.  It was a drug case and we went through a whole set of questions. Do you know someone convicted of a drug charge? Do you know a law officer? Quite a few people were dismissed. The last question asked was, do you think drugs should be legal?

I raised my hand, the only one of the 25 people then seated. The prosecutor asked me, "Do you think marijuana should be legalized?" I said yes. He then asked, "Do you think cocaine should be legalized?" I paused, and then said yes again. I knew I wouldn't be picked. I also knew that many of the people sitting around me probably had the same opinion, at least for marijuana, but were keeping quiet.

I am of the opinion that what you do to your body, as long as you don't hurt someone else or become a burden on society, is your own business. I think drug laws are pointless and have no validity. Want to solve all of the problems and wasted money on the War on Drugs? Stop the fucking stupid war on drugs. Spend the money on helping people with addiction problems. Make drugs legal and boring and they will lose their allure and criminals won't make any money on them.

I guess my only regret is not getting on the jury and making people super uncomfortable about my opinions on drugs.

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