Sunday, June 10, 2012

Outside my window at work, movement catches my eye. I glance out and see the animals who make the neighborhood their home.

Ground squirrel.

A vermillion flycatcher has taken up residence, which is fairly unusual, since they tend to stay close to water sources.

Male vermillion flycatcher.

Another bird has been keeping it company, a female of the same species. I guess that is why he has been sticking around.


I'm digging at the moment, a short project of a sensitive nature. Then I will be inside the rest of the summer writing and finishing reports, which is a good thing considering you absolutely loopy I was Friday afternoon from the horrible heat. I could not concentrate and felt at times very peculiar. On Thursday a hawk flew down and tried to catch my friendly ground squirrel. It got away this time.

Cooper's hawk.

I imagine the hawk has been busy eating the cottontail rabbits that run around outside.


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