Thursday, July 12, 2012

As someone pointed out, the Golden Eagles are actually juvenile Harris Hawks. I guess I just flunked Arizona Birds 101. This week, I glanced out of my office and saw an ostrich perching on the fence, looking at me.


I was sent north to Oro Valley to watch a water line being dug at a historic ranch site. It was hot and moist.

Safety first!

As I was eating lunch, a red-headed Bald Eagle perched on the branch next to me. You know how attractive redheads are.

Bald Eagle.

Sometimes I would look up and see the back side of the Catalina Mountains. Like some people I know, the backside of these mountains is better looking than the front sides.

The Catalina Mountains.

At Safeway, red plums were on sale for 99 cents a pound, probably because they were rapidly spoiling. I bought four pounds, a box of Certo, and a bag of sugar. At home I made delicious jam, perhaps at about the same price as you can purchase it, but I think it probably tastes better.

Red Plum jam and Peach jam.

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