Monday, July 16, 2012

On the way north I think of an article I am writing, I listen to modern pop music, I see the familiar landmarks. The drive is 4 1/2 hours one way but only 4 hours back, I guess the drive up the mountains, past the broken down semi trucks, just takes longer.

I arrived in Flagstaff and waited outside Bookman's. There are a lot of nice beards in Flagstaff, next time Jimbo comes to Arizona I will take him there. Evan arrives, and then Jim and George. We step into Burrito Fiesta and have a nice Mexican meal.

George enjoys his supper.

The monsoon rains have started and everything is green. Evan's garden is growing like crazy.

Evan's garden.

 The tomato plant I bought him is enormous.

Evan and I took George and Jim out to see prehistoric sites. I admired the pretty wildflowers.


Evan was enthusiastic.

Big tree.

We admired the rock art panels, but did not touch them because the oils on your hand can damage them.

Rock art. 

I think Jim and George enjoyed themselves, despite the sprinkles and the pokey vegetation.

George, Jim, and Evan.

As usual, I enjoyed the pretty flowers.


It started raining again, and no picnic could take place. So we went to Himalayan Grill and had delicious food.


That night, I made supper, George and I played tetherball, we threw the atlatl, I showed Jim and George how to play banjo, and we went for drinks in rainy downtown Flagstaff.

On the way back to Tucson, the clouds looked ominous.


The streets were flooding as I pulled off Interstate 10. The air is heavy with moisture this morning, it is summer time in Tucson.

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