Wednesday, July 04, 2012

It rained on the Fourth. Ray, Patrick, and I traveled to Pat and Rick's lovely house.

Ray and Homer, I am wearing my "Free Moustache Ride" t-shirt..

At first there was rain, and Patrick was one of the few people to dare climb in the pool.


I spent a lot of time gossiping with Roger. It was fun.

Afterward, Ray dropped me off and I sat in front of the computer and did some work on my latest genealogy project. Then I climbed on the guest house roof to watch the fireworks. They shot off a few and then an ambulance came. According to the news, one of the fireworks workers had some medical problem. After a while, they started again, and I took artsy pictures.

My Mexican neighbors are busy shooting off a lot of little fireworks. They are very patriotic. I wonder what all of the racist people in Arizona would think if they sat on the roof and watched what was going on.

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