Monday, August 20, 2012

My clothes smell like gunpowder, I guess because I was standing close to the cannon both times it was fired. The City of Tucson was formally established 237 years ago today. An Irish man employed by the Spanish government selected the location, which happened to be located on prehistoric Native American villages, some of which I have documented through the years on this blog. Patrick and I went to attend the festivities. This year it was held at night, for the first time, and the crowd was much bigger.
Big crowd. 

Many people showed up in period costumes- from the Spanish, Mexican, and American Territorial periods.
Three hoop-skirted Confederate ladies.

I was sweating up a storm in my vest, bowtie, and tophat.

Patrick and Homer.

I showed Patrick around the park and he admired the buildings, artifacts, and the large mural.

Good doggy.

The ceremony began with the firing of the four-pound cannon.


And as ceremonies tend to do, it lasted a long, fretful time. I think to make it more exciting, there should be door prizes.
The girl is a Yaqui deer dancer.

I looked up and admired the pretty sky. Several times I thought it was going to rain, but it didn't.

Beautiful sky.

After the flag ceremony, Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, reading of the founding document in Spanish and English, Proclamation, and additional flags, the cannon was fired again.

The fuse is lit and waiting to be applied.

Once again, the cannon roared, and the sulphuric smoke filled the air.

Segundo Boom.

I'm going to buy a gray tophat to replace my cheap black one. It was alright as ceremony goes, and the cake was delicious. I was glad to see so many people (hundreds) at the Presidio Park. Of all of the work that I have done here in Tucson, this is probably my proudest achievement.

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