Monday, August 13, 2012

We made tie-dye t-shirts for our Arts and Crafts Interlude. I had never participated in this messy hippy subculture phenomenon. First we purchased the necessary items. Then we rubber banded the white t-shirts.


Then I poured water into the applicator bottles and only got a little dye on my hands. The dye was then applied to the shirts.


Ready to sit overnight.

 When completed the shirts were brightly colored. We wrapped them in plastic overnight. The next morning Evan washed them in the washing machine, and Voila! new shirts.

I actually remember the 1960s.

We also went on a drive through an area that had been burned a few years ago in a forest fire. We paused and looked at an archaeology site.

 Evan and me.

Don't leave your camp fire with embers, of I will come and beat the crap out of you.
Burned side of road.

The monsoon rains have been heavy up north and the wildflowers were blooming everywhere.

Unburned side, see all of the nice, unburnt trees?

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