Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I stopped at the Farmer's Market and the cute farmer had pickling cucumbers for sale, so I bought some.

Six pickling cucumbers, two leeks, five small yellow squash, miniature peppers, a clove of garlic, and a container of jalapeno soft goat cheese (with vegetable rennet).

I sliced up the cucumbers, leaks, and a red onion and soaked them in salt water overnight. Then I rinsed them well and cut up half a yellow pepper and a whole red pepper. Then I put 7 cups vinegar, 3.5 cups sugar, spices (cinnamon, cloves, pickling spice), and the chopped up veggies to cook to a boil while I got the jars and lids ready.

On the stove.

I have never made bread and butter pickles before, so it was an experiment. I felt clumsy putting them in the jars. A clove of garlic and a small hot pepper went into each jar. I ended up with six pints.

Bread and butter pickles.

The last jar wasn't quite filled, so I got to put that one in the fridge to cool. They turned out great, perhaps a little too spicy for my mother.

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