Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For the last couple of weeks a male pitbull has been wandering around my neighborhood. The first time I saw him, he growled at me and ran away. I quickly realized the poor guy didn't have a home and that he was hungry. Coincidentally, I have cans of catfood my cats won't eat, so when I saw him, I called him over and opened a can of food and left it out.

Buddy. The last week he has been coming up on the porch and eating his can, and then I give him some dog biscuits. He soon let me rub his head and then his stomach. I am surprised at how muscular he is.


I am a lion tamer, all stray animals like me. So today after he had his meal, some head and tummy rubs, he put his head out and gave me a huge lick.

He wants to come inside my house, but that can't happen, I am sure my cats would totally freak out.

Why hello.

I'm calling him Buddy for now. 

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