Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm always amazed at the bullshit people believe. The other day I saw a car plastered with racist and anti-Semitic bumper stickers targeting Obama. On the way north to Flagstaff I saw the following vehicle.

I've yet to see similar garbage directed towards Romney on cars.

Evan's new house is 70 feet from the train tracks in Flagstaff. There are many trains, and they make a variety of sounds. Sometimes the wheels screech. Sometimes it is so loud you can't talk. I was glad on Saturday to drive up into the dirt roads and go exploring. So quiet.

Pretty yellow flowers.

Unfortunately, my allergies have been totally freaking out.

Can you see the glistening tears weeping from my eyes?

It is very lush and green and there are many different wildflowers blooming. The invisible elk must be really happy, so much to eat.

Evan and the pretty scenery.

On Sunday we went to Evan's old domicile and harvested tomatoes, tomatilloes, squash, and peas.

Evan's garden.

It is getting towards the end of summer, and the sunflowers look fairly spent.

I picked tomatoes.

The prairie dogs have been stuffing themselves and are all pudgy.

Prairie cutey dog.

I made Evan pose in a field of yellow flowers.


Along Interstate 17 there were broad fields of these flowers, glistening yellow in the sun. They will be gone the next time I am in Flagstaff.

Along the freeway.

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