Thursday, September 27, 2012

I bought myself a gray tophat and an old-style black vest for my birthday present. Hey, I old turn 149-years-old once!
Vintage Homer

Thanks to the wonders of Facebook over 200 people wished me Happy Birthday and I had phone calls from Evan, Jeffrey, Travis, and Forrest. No one sends cards anymore. Sad face. At work I am finishing reports and chapters and trying to clear out stuff in my office. I have made progress and we are still having new projects come in, although it seems things have slowed down a bit. The wildlife is abundant outside my window- coyotes, an occasional bobcat, hawks, lizards, and yesterday a baby kingsnake.

Can you spot the bobcat?

I'm usually scared of snakes, but this one was so small I was brave.

Baby kingsnake. Buddy continues to stop by for breakfast and supper. He is very happy to see me and after he finishes eating he comes over for some head and tummy rubs. Tonight he was so excited to see me that he started humping me. I said no thank you.

Happy Buddy.

My commenting program is ending and I have tried everything I can to upload a new system- DISQUS- and to save the 20,000+ comments from the last nine years. So far, no luck. It really irritates me that Echo JSKit abruptly decided to end their commenting program, I've had a few weeks notice and they offer absolutely no assistance. Fuck them and their crappy company.

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