Monday, October 08, 2012

Well what have I been up to? Went up to Flagstaff a couple of weekends ago, had a nice time with Evan. I'm used to the trains roaring by behind his bedroom. I've been productive at work, finishing reports and chapters. Today I was working on a treatment plan and then I was called out to work on an emergency project. The back of my neck is all sunburnt now.

I thought I would give myself a haircut to save money and just as I was finishing I dropped the hair clippers and broke it, so I guess it wasn't a cheap haircut after all.


I need to stop paying attention to the presidential election. It seems just bizarre that people haven't made their minds up or that some stupid debate will completely change someone's mind. If Romney wins, LGBT rights will be set back. I just don't know what the future of the USA is heading. Will the fundamentalist Christians/Mormons ruin everything? I'm hoping Americans do the smart thing and re-elect Obama.

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