Thursday, October 11, 2012

A coyote wandered by my office window. It looked away when I took the picture. The week before there were six coyotes all at once.


Buddy comes for breakfast and supper. He wants to come inside, but I've already seen him chasing a stray cat and birds, and I am not going to upset Puff, Joey, and Snowball.


I went over to the new bridge today and admired the lovely cut-outs that screen the sunlight and once a year light a related image below at a certain moment.


I went to the farmer's market and bought things. I ate too much of the vegetable stew and spicy tortillas and I am full.


I watched part of the Biden-Ryan debate tonight. Ryan is such a twerp. At work I'm down in the old Court Street Cemetery. Six feet down with a broken sewer pipe in a constrained space. Interesting finds of a sensitive nature.

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