Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm home feeling poorly- coughing up stuff, body aches, etc. I was thinking I would escape being sick for the entire 2012, but this minor ailment arrived.

Cats won't budge when I am trying to sleep this afternoon. 

The previous two weeks saw me out excavating burials at one of Tucson's historic cemeteries. The cemetery closed in 1909 and thousands of burials were left behind. In this latest project, sewer lines and manholes were being repaired and we removed burials located beneath streets.

Joey likes to run into the shower after I am done and let the water drip on her.

Busy time of year- I bought Halloween candy and of course ate some. All Soul's Procession is on November 4th. Sandy is arriving tonight. I have been cleaning house like crazy. Also had lunch with Damien and his bf Nathan, that was really nice to see him.

Buddy likes to sleep on this rug. 

Doug and I fixed the back fence so Buddy can't get out of the yard. I think next week I'll be taking him over to the Humane Society to get his genitals mutilated, shots, and some worming done (just in case). I think I also have to buy him a license. He really wants to come inside but he and the cats do not get along. Doug will be building him a comfortable doghouse soon.

Why hello there. 

My mother arrives November 10th for the winter. I hope she and Buddy get along.

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