Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eighteen trick-or-treaters so far. I hope more show up because I have a lot of candy. Sandy arrived last week and we have been having a good time hanging out. Last Thursday we went to the farmer's market and had beers at Brasserie Agustin.


I had a light ale, it is unfortunate that I do not care for dark beers. Oh well, that leaves those beers for Evan.

Doug and Sandy. 

Doug is painting my study a light gray with pale grey trim and ceiling. The light gray looks lavender on the walls. It makes the room so much brighter and cheerier than the hideous olive green.

I drove to Flagstaff and the leaves are turning. I took along eggplant mozzarella, then Saturday morning I made pancakes, and then Saturday night I made for the first time stuffed shells. I am fat. Evan had never carved a pumpkin, or so he said.

Evan starting.

It was fun doing our little craft activity.

It's hard work!

They came out well. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it involves candy. I like candy too much.

Jack o'lanterns.

Last night Sandy and I headed south and had supper with Cobban and Ray. It was awesome seeing them. I am fortunate to have good friends.

I guess it is fitting that today I was analyzing coffin parts at work.

Waiting for trick or treaters.

Next up: All Soul's Procession.

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