Thursday, November 01, 2012

Out of the corner of my eye I see movement and I turned to my office window and there was a bobcat walking down the dirt driveway south of the office. I called out to Patti and Sarah and we watched it out the window until it walked into some bushes.
Bobcat strolling.

I went outside and climbed over the fence and saw that it was hunkered down next to a small tree, hiding in the grass. I climbed back over the fence and convinced Jenny and Stephanie to follow me. "Come on Jenny, you can climb over the fence!" I've known Jenny since 1988, when we were in grad school at ASU together.

Watching us.

I'll have to ask Stephanie if that was the first time she got to see a bobcat in the wild. This one was big, a different one than I have seen before, which limps.

At home tonight I am rearranging the house for All Soul's Day and company and getting horribly dusty. Tomorrow I am taking Buddy on a test drive in my car to see how he reacts. Sometime soon he is going to go get fixed and shots.

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