Monday, November 05, 2012

Evan came down from Flagstaff and we made cookies for All Souls Day.

Anatomically correct.

I set up an altar in the dining room, pictures of a friend and family, heirlooms, some pottery.


I made a quiche, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, onion sour cream dip, and Evan made hummous. He helped me make a cemetery cake, with toy soldiers interred in each grave.

Cemetery cake.

The guests arrived. Buddy was very charming, visiting with everyone.

Jane and Buddy.

Erik and Robert arrived from Arkansas, Geoffrey from Phoenix. Some of us applied our makeup and put our costumes on.

Mary, Homer, Evan, and Erik.

At 5 PM, we left the house and walked downtown. Some people wandered off, and a handful of us ended up in front of the new courthouse, standing upon one of the few portions of the National Cemetery that was not excavated a few years ago.

Richard, Evan, Erik, and Michael.

I asked Erik if they had anything like this in Arkansas. He said no.


The procession walked by. The costumes were awesome. Unfortunately, my camera was not cooperating.


A few bands came by. It was crazy how many people were there this year- they were guessing that it was going to be 30,000.

129 days 'til St. Patrick's Day.

We skipped the finale, too many folks and I was worn out from a long day. In the bathroom I scrubbed the makeup off in the shower.

I am worn out.

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