Thursday, December 27, 2012

 At times it has been too much. My mother was sick for a week with who knows what. She was a mess and very unpleasant to be around. This morning (the 27th) she woke up and was back to normal, what a relief.

In the morning, the cats sit on me absorbing my soul.

Snowball and Puff.

The cats enjoy drinking out of the Holiday Tree stand.

Joey didn't get any presents.

The presents were bought and the house decorated, all that was missing was Evan, who was arriving on Holiday Eve.

Snowball awaits.

Doug made a wooden ark and Mummy and I made felt animals for little Nathan.


Buddy comes inside to visit when the cats are locked up in my bedroom.

He has a new red harness.

Evan arrived and everything was better. We opened presents with Doug and Mummy on Holiday morning. I got a walking stick, a casserole dish, a Martha Stewart cookbook, and a set of Halloween cookie cutters that I had coveted at an antique store in Flagstaff. I was very pleased.

We drove to the top of Mount Lemmon and noticed that many, many Mexican-American families had done the same.


On top.

We went over to Patrick and Brady and Horace's house and chatted.

Holiday night.

We stopped by Venture Inn and then came home and made Holiday cards while having gin and tonics.

Holiday cards.

Today I went to work and the bobcat walked by my window. It was quiet there, and so another Holiday season has slipped by.

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