Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of 2012. I dressed up and went to work to escape my mother for a while. I accomplished a few things and then went to Beyond Bread for a gluten-filled sandwich. Then to Safeway for a flu shot, which was interrupted by my mother calling me to tell me Buddy had gotten out. I came home and ran around with Doug chasing him. I gave him a stern talking to and told my mother, "It's not happening again." Then I returned for said shot and I will not be catching the nasty flu in 2013.

End of year self portrait.

So 2012 was alright, albeit stressful at times. Got to go on a trip to TN/NC and see Forrest, Travis, and Jason. Forrest came to AZ twice. Went to Michigan for Mummy's 80th birthday. Took care of my mother for five+ months and didn't go more than half crazy. Adopted a dog who is a handful. Got a little grayer. Conducted some interesting archaeology projects. Worked on my genealogy books. Baked some cakes. Saw gay rights advance across the nation. And best of all, got to spend a lot of time with Evan. He makes me smile.

No big plans for 2013 yet, other than the need to pay down my credit card. A trip to Portland in the late summer to see half of my friends who have moved there. And of course I'll turning the big 5-0. Strange to think about that, since half of the time I feel like a teenager. I guess having a very late puberty has its advantages.

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