Monday, January 07, 2013

Last week I drove west on State Route 86 to spend the day digging. Kitt Peak loomed to the south, across the road.

Roasting pit.

The road is being widened and our company is excavating at the sites along the side of the road, mostly finding cooking and storage pits, since the portions we are working on are at the margin of larger sites.

Afterward I drove to Topowa to deliver some boxes. There are so many roadside memorials on the way, I lost count. In the distance is Baboquivari, the sacred mountain of the Tohono O'odham.

On the road to Topawa.

It was a nice drive and although the morning had been cold, by the afternoon it had warmed up and enjoyed being out in nature.

On the road to Sells.

The weekend was rather dull, grocery shopping, library, and some genealogy work. Tara, Milo, and Chris came over so Milo could open his presents. The next day I took down the Holiday decorations and the tree.

Milo got a Rudolph coloring book and a little front-loader tractor.

Yesterday afternoon I checked my messages on my phone and discovered Rob had sent me one, he and his roommate Jason were in town. I met them at BK's and chatted while they had supper.


Afterward we drove to Brody's and they were amazed at how cheap drinks were- $6 for three cocktails, and they were strong.

Rob and Jason.

Sunday nights are Drunk Drag Queen Bingo.

A not-yet-drunk Drag Queen.

I did not win any prizes.

Faulty bingo card.

Today I was productive at work and called the Humane Society and Buddy is getting his private parts modified on Wednesday. He is sleeping unaware on the floor next to my desk at this moment, snoring away. I am hoping the reduced hormones will settle his aggressiveness towards cats down.

Looking forward to the weekend in Flagstaff. Wonder whether there will be lots of snow? 

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