Sunday, December 23, 2012

The weekend before Holiday and I've spent a lot of time feeling stressed out. My mother is having low blood sugar at times- she acts completely out of her mind when it happens. Thursday night was the worst- I had to force her to drink chocolate milk and glucose pills. Eventually she came around. On top of that, she complains about the food I prepare for her so much. If she had her way she would just eat the brand of gluten-free bread I found for her, with some margarine slathered on. But enough whining. On Saturday I stopped by Patrick's house with an ornament for his tree and some canned goods.

Patrick and Horace.

He gave me a tour of his renovation job on the house next door and I left with the kitchen cabinet doors, which have the original 1920s hardware for me to salvage. At home I have been preparing memorials on Find-A-Grave, working on patients at the Northern Michigan Asylum. Lots of people who were sent there because they had epilepsy. Very sad. Today I dragged Mother out to the Mission of San Xavier del Bac.


It is decorated for Christmas including this creche, which seemed to be lacking Jesus, perhaps because he isn't born yet?

O'odham Nativity Scene.

The church was completed in 1797 and most of the original artwork is still intact.

Saint and candles.

Many people praying today, perhaps because it is Sunday. 

Angel on a cloud.

The scale on the inside always surprises me. The church is really tall and there are elaborate decorations everywhere.

We wandered around for a while, but Mother started staggering so I decided enough of that.

Bell tower.

I made fried rice tonight, something I have made twice since she was here, and she refused to eat it. 'What spice did you put in it?" she whined. I told her to make her own dinner.

Going to work for part of the day tomorrow, which is a good thing. Honestly, I need a break. 

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