Monday, December 17, 2012

Outside the office window I see a bobcat stroll by. I tapped on the window and it peeked over the fence at me, and then sauntered away.


Winter is sort of here. Buddy has a new dog house that he likes to sleep in. When it gets real cold he can come sleep on my bedroom floor, but the cats have to be locked away because he ran into the house and grabbed Puff, who pooped himself, while Joey climbed up the chimney. Buddy got his butt paddled for that, but a moment later he tried again. He is very stupid
Buddy's house. 

 I escaped and drove north, admiring Picacho Peak.

Picacho Peak.

I had to turn off the radio, I did not want to hear all of the details about the latest in a string of never ending mass shootings. Later someone Facebooked that "Now was the not the time to say anything about gun control." That set me off. I guess for some people it will never be the time.

As it got dark, close to Flagstaff, the snow started. It got progressively worse. The next day I drove with Evan to the supermarket and he was scared. I only drove into a snowbank once.

At Evan's house.

The snow kept coming down. It was a wintery wonderland. I did not have proper footwear.

I am stunned.

We attempted to gather material for a wreath and I resorted to stealing crabapple branches from trees in front of businesses. 

Evan makes a wreath.

The next day I discovered my car battery had died. This is something that has been meaning to happen for a while. It was inconvenient for it to do so in a snowy wonderland.

Snowy wonderland.

Evan and I went to a lot and eventually I purchased an unopened 6-ft-tall tree for 50 dollars US. It fit inside my car. 

At the tree lot.

And then the car would not start again, and the nice man at the tree lot jumped the car and then we went and purchased a new battery, which Evan nicely installed for me.

The ride home was scenic at first.

Interstate 17.

At home I decorated the tree while mother decorated her little white artificial tree.


Usually this is a lot of fun, but this year is seemed somewhat chore-like.

Bah humbug.

For various reasons I am still feeling blase about the Holiday season. Perhaps if I wrap presents that will make it more festive.

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