Thursday, January 24, 2013

Last weekend I drove to Flagstaff.

I was all dressed up.

Flagstaff was not as cold as last time, although there were icy patches and snow on the distant mountains. At times I hid in Evan's bedroom with the electric blanket on.

Through the window.

Erich has moved to Flagstaff to manage a car dealership. We had supper at a nice Thai restaurant with him and his friend Greg.

Greg, Evan, and Erich.

The next morning we made soap. We melted down glycerin while zesting lemons.


I had brought along some rosemary from the bushes in my back yard.

Evan ground these up in a blender.

We made some lemon bars, some rosemary bars, and some lemon-rosemary bars.

Adding ingredients to the melted glycerin.

Once poured into the plastic containers, they were set outside to harden. 


They pop out really easily and smell very nice. I am using the rosemary soap now.

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