Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It snowed today. Last night I received a blizzard warning on my phone. People drive like fucking idiots whenever it rains/sprinkles/snows here. It is just crazy. I had to buy a mouth guard because I have been grinding my teeth like crazy. Mother and work-related stress. It worked, but my teeth felt weird this morning after the first use. Buddy is sitting on the floor next to me. I need to buy him some heavy-duty chew toys because he wants to chew on other things.

Smile for the camera Buddy.

I've been doing some more family tree research. Discovered that I am related to President McKinley. I think that makes eight presidents that I share ancestors with including Obama, Ford, both Bushes, FDR, and Grant.

I have shared a lot of material that I have researched, posted on a 10-year-old website and also via email. It is amazing to come across on Ancestry documents that do not acknowledge who wrote it. I guess people don't understand the need to source documents, or at least note who authored it.

I'm co-teaching the Spring Field School at a Spanish Mission site. I wonder what exciting things we will find?

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