Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It snowed two days in a row. It was Snowmageddon.

Puff was terrified.

A pair of Hyacinths unexpectedly bloomed, bringing Spring-time fierceness!


I drove to work, the mountains sticking out like a mass of pimples on Maggie Gallagher's left buttock.

Catalina Mountains.

Someone had arrived before me and made a sad little snowperson.


On Saturday I headed south to the Spanish missions of Tumacacori, Calabazas, and Guevavi.

The 1820 Church at Tumacacori.

I am helping teach the University of Arizona Spring Archaeology Field School. The next couple of months I will be imparting my skills into the sponge-like minds of students. I wonder what mysteries we will solve through our archaeological endeavors?

Soto grave.

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