Monday, March 04, 2013

Evan arrived and shortly thereafter we went to Rosa's for supper. I was daring and had a bean burrito instead of my usual three cheese enchiladas.

Mummy had beef tamales and refried beans.

The next morning we drove down to Guevavi for the archaeology field school. It was a day of hectic activity and I forgot to take any pictures. Evan enjoyed the digging. I received a sunburn.

The next morning Evan and I did some errands. We looked for line levels at Home Depot and I bought some potting soil.

All smiles.

On the way back we visited with Tara and Chris. Little Milo was busy trying to start fire with a stick. He insisted I twirl the stick but I could not start it burning.


After Evan headed back north, I took a nap and then took mother to the library, Target, Home Depot, and Safeway. It was a busy day. And then last night I did some genealogy research for a total stranger, hopefully she will find the information I collected useful.

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