Saturday, April 20, 2013

Let's catch up! It is spring time and my backyard is bursting out in flowers.


Last Saturday I loaded mother into the trusty Focus and we went to the San Agustin Presidio and watched the re-enactors re-enacting.

Allen was demonstrating flint knapping.

In the gift shop Mummy became Caroline Ingalls for a moment.


We then went to India Oven for lunch.


I really like Indian food.

First plate.

We then did some other errands- Trader Joe, Library, and Safeway. I was exhausted, but decided I needed to trim my beard for the following day's annual meeting. I had a trimming accident and ended up with a big stache.


Buddy has been getting more exercise lately, I've been taking him on walks, carefully planning the walks to avoid all of the barky neighborhood dogs.


The next day it was time to dress up for the annual meeting. I am now recording secretary.

Red tie.

To help raise money I assembled a raffle basket of Spanish and Mexican items. I sold 63 or so tickets at $5.00 each, and the money went to help pay for the annual luncheon.

Jeanne won, which was nice because my mother likes her.

Evan arrived in the afternoon. He was coming to work on an archaeology project for my company. That night we went to Rosa's and he had the avocado enchiladas.

Evan at Rosa's.

During the week we went for walks and one time we went to inspect the nearby enormous hole, which was once supposed to be a parking structure, but now is being refilled. In the north wall of the enormous partially-filled-in hole are bricks from the Tucson Pressed Brick Company, which once operated there. A tunnel is visible, lined with bricks and with a metal sliding gate. I am guessing it was used in the firing of the bricks.

Mystery tunnel.

Buddy likes Evan, as does Snowball, which is unusual.

Buddy taking Evan for a walk.

On one of our walks, Buddy admired the altar at Diana's house.


Mummy left for Michigan on Tuesday. It became a nightmare. She got to Chicago and then her connecting flight was cancelled. She spent the night at a hotel, and then back to the airport. I spent three hours on hold trying to get her on a flight. I discovered that Orbitz call center employees are incompetent. On Wednesday several more flights were cancelled due to horrible thunderstorms. She finally arrived at Traverse City at 1:30 on Thursday morning.

Thursday night, to celebrate, Evan and I went to Desta for Ethiopian food. It was delicious.

Ethiopian food and an excited Evan.

He left on Friday to head back north, after having an exciting archaeological adventure (he found a turquoise bead and a large decorated sherd).

This morning I was up early and salvaged some bricks for the walkway between my house and the guest house. I manage to get an enormous gash on my left palm, which I will not subject readers too, because it is ghastly and red and nasty.

And here it is 8:59 AM on Saturday and I have no clue what to do for the rest of the weekend.

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