Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A few things to remember:

 The blue transferprinted soup tureen that I bought in Flagstaff for $24.95.

The hawk perched on the fence outside my window at work:

Cinco de Mayo at the Presidio:

I really want these pants:

Other things to remember:

- in the last week Delaware and Rhode Island achieved marriage equality (#10 and #11). Minnesota may be #12 by this coming weekend. I checked the National Organization for Marriage blog and there was closet case Brian Brown saying that same sex marriage was a "lie." Whatever that means.

- The field school students did their paper presentations. Whit has been staying at my house and it has been fun getting to know him.

- My mother turned 81 today and celebrated by getting a new roof on her house. I mailed a box of junk to her today- $40 postage. As Evan says, they are treasures to her.

- Tired of insomnia. Perhaps less caffeine?

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