Thursday, May 02, 2013

As I work at the office, movement outside catches my eye. It is spring time heading towards summer and the babies have been let lose and are wandering about.


Cottontails are the most animal species we find at prehistoric sites. People probably hunted them in their fields, probably with snares and sling shots.

I haven't seen any Gambel's quail babies yet.

Gambel's quail.

This year the ground squirrels did not burrow under my office floor.

Ground squirrel.

I left the office right at 5 PM and a short distance up the road was a group of javelina. I have never seen javelina in the neighborhood. They were climbing out of a culvert- five adults and four tiny babies.


The littlest baby was scared to come out and cried.


I took the following video, sorry about the spots that are inside of the camera lens.


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