Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I headed north to attend a conference. I discussed life in Phoenix in the 1920s-1940s period. The audience enjoyed my talk. I ran into various people I have known for over 20 years, but rarely see. Afterward I went to the State Archive and photographed records. I then headed over to Craig and Jesse's abode. They were wonderful hosts and with their friend Christopher we headed off to an Ethiopian restaurant and I ate too much.



The next day I returned to the archives and photographed 3,000 pages. My shoulder was killing me afterward. I have shoulder carpal syndrome!

Then I headed north to Flagstaff, where Evan and I went to Burrito Fiesta for supper.

The next day was the DAY OF PRIDE. Evan and I went over and hung out with Geoffrey. It is always nice to see him.

Geoffrey, moi, and Evan.

Nearby was a young man who reminded me of one of the statues on the Parthenon pediment.


Young man.

We returned to Evan's house and I took a nap. We returned to Pride and I saw Glamour.


We had many adult beverages.


We sat on a bench and a young man sat next to us. I started talking with him and he turned out to be a navy machinist on his way to San Diego. Who accidentally went to Pride, not knowing what it was. Evan and I laughed and later I went up to some young women and asked them to come say hi to him. He appreciated that.

Machinist Christoper.

Pandora Boxx came out and performed a couple of times. He was amusing.


Afterward we went to Thai food and I had cashew tofu and Evan ate something that was WAY TO HOT and the next morning his insides burned.

Not burny.

It was a lovely time.

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