Saturday, June 22, 2013

Two apologies. Alan Chamber of Exodus International sort of apologizes for all of the people who went through his ex-gay program. A lot of those people ended up killing themselves. The media picked up the story and made a small deal out of it. Many people praised him for his apology. Many others felt that it was not adequate.

Paula Dean apologized for using the "N" word and making other racially insensitive comments. She apologized how many times? And people are just ripping her to shreds. She loses her contract with the Food Network.

On JoeMyGod's blog the outpouring of hate towards Paula Deen was remarkable. I guess I stirred up trouble by daring to wonder why this was the case and to point out that there were twice as many comments about Deen than for Chambers.

I should know better. I was told I was racist, a jackass, clueless, etc. How dare I suggest people read her deposition rather than take other people's claims about her as fact.

I can't help but wonder if there is something more than racism involved here. I suspect that the fact that she is a successful business woman comes into play, similar to the hatred Martha Stewart endures. I suspect the underlying hatred towards Southern accents, her blindingly white teeth, and her homey personality also comes into play. Some people note the fact that she covered up her diabetes for years and is a shill for a drug company. I note that after she disclosed her diabetes she has moved toward more healthier food, lost weight, and openly discusses the problems of diabetes.

I don't know what is really going on in other people's minds or lives. It always amazes me that other people can be so quick to tear down people who have been propped up on a pedastal. Or tear down complete strangers because they develop ideas based on a sentence or two.

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