Monday, June 24, 2013

I ran out of dish soap so that is a convenient reason to not wash those dirty dishes, right?

Last week I saw the Google Streetview car drive past me on the way to work. This is the second or third time I have seen it in the last couple of years. I happened to look up my house on Googlemaps and when I looked at the street view, there was Mummy sitting on the porch. The picture was taken in April 2012, right before she went back to Michigan.

Click picture to see closer, they blur people's faces.

Supposed to be super hot this weekend, 112 fucking hot degrees. What a nightmare. When it gets above 105, the fired adobe bricks of my house heat up and retain heat. Luckily, this only lasts for a while.

Tonight Buddy posed on the front steps. He is such a cute, happy, dumb old dog. I just wish he wasn't so vicious towards the cats. He scared the mail person so I have to have a sign next to the gate, "Beware of Dog."


Awaiting the Supremes, who are such divas they are dragging out announcing whether us gays are equal to folks like Limbaugh. The thing that pops into my head is how they manage to keep their super secret rulings super secret. They are better mannered than I would be. I am not much of a fan of secrets and I think the frantic posturing of the government over Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden indicates there are a lot more nasty secrets the government types want to keep the rest of us from knowing. How long before whistle blowing gets you a prison sentence?

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